The Saga a Light Show

The Saga a Light Show

The Saga of San Antonio is located in the Main Plaza of San Antonio, the heart of downtown. The Saga shows the story of our city, from the very beginning of its discovery up to now. 24 minutes of lightning, a world-class video art installation done by a very well-known French artist Xavier de Richemont. A visual journey through history and culture is shown in the video called the Saga.

The Saga, this unique international video art which covers 7,000 square feet of color, light and visual narration is projected on the façade of the San Fernando Cathedral. Important fact about the San Fernando Cathedral is that it is the oldest operating sanctuary in North America. A treasure for us, and a destination for many national and international visitors.

Its debut was in June 2014, from that day on, every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays at 9:00 pm, 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm the video is projected, 3 shows by day. The event is free for everyone to see, there are some spots for seating and standing in the Main Plaza where you may watch the magnificent light show. Also, food trucks are over the place, your kids can play around the fountains in the place, free parking areas nearby and the Riverwalk in close enough for you to go before or after the show to continue having fun.

Learn a little about the author, Xavier de Richemont, born in Algeria France, a painter, studied in the National Fine Arts School of Aix-en-Provence. He has created many video installations around the world shown in in kioskos or iconic places as in main Plaza. In 2002, he created the first light festival at Chartres, France. His talent in lyrical graphic design along with narration, music and images vibration is amazingly shown and projected in the videos.

Check the pictures of how amazing it looks, but more than that, join us!!! Come visit San Antonio and get the opportunity to learn our story in a very unique way. This Light Show is waiting for you, do not miss it, you’ll have so much fun and a beautiful atmosphere, one of the best parts, it is for free!

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