Cowboy breakfast returns to San Antonio 2024

Saddle Up for Cowboy Breakfast 2024!

Get ready to dust off your cowboy boots and join the excitement as the long-held tradition of the Cowboy Breakfast makes a triumphant return in 2024. After a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this iconic event is back and has now earned its official status as a rodeo event. Mark your calendars for January 26, as the festivities kick off at 142 Gembler Road, setting the stage for a weekend filled with flavor and flair at the Rodeo BBQ Cookoff.

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The Comeback: The Cowboy Breakfast, a beloved tradition that predates the pandemic, is making a grand comeback, promising attendees an unforgettable experience. The aroma of sizzling breakfast delights and the lively atmosphere of camaraderie make this event a must-attend for rodeo enthusiasts and foodies alike.

The Cowboy Breakfast will not only satisfy your appetite but also serve as the perfect prelude to the highly anticipated Rodeo BBQ Cookoff, which unfolds throughout the same weekend. Prepare to be immersed in the rich culture of rodeo traditions, delectable barbecue, and the vibrant spirit of the community.

The Rodeo BBQ Cookoff: As the Cowboy Breakfast sets the stage, the Rodeo BBQ Cookoff takes center stage during the weekend. This culinary extravaganza brings together pitmasters, grill enthusiasts, and barbecue aficionados for a sizzling competition. Sample mouthwatering dishes, witness the artistry of barbecue craftsmanship, and soak in the lively atmosphere that defines this rodeo-inspired cookoff.

Don’t Miss Out: Make sure to gather your friends and family for a day filled with western charm, delicious eats, and a celebration of the cowboy spirit. The Cowboy Breakfast and Rodeo BBQ Cookoff promise an unforgettable weekend of fun and festivities.

The Cowboy Breakfast’s return in 2024 adds a touch of nostalgia and excitement to the rodeo season. Join us on January 26 at 142 Gembler Road to revel in the flavors, traditions, and community spirit that make this event a true Texan experience. Saddle up, mark your calendars, and let the countdown to a weekend of rodeo magic begin!

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