Getting Lost!

Getting Lost!

I won’t stop writing that San Antonio has an extended variety of activities to do anytime of the year. There are so many activities that you can get lost, literally get lost in one of them. Family adventures are so needed and enjoyable and they are even better if they include delicious food. Have you ever made puzzles on a piece of paper? Or follow the way beginning to the end of a labyrinth in a paper game? Well, let’s see how expert are you in these games, BUT from a really different perspective.

Drive to San Antonio and get the experience of playing in a maize of 7-acre labyrinth full of twists, turns and ends carved into stalks all over your head. I bet you children are hunger of fun and games, well got to the prefect place to get them thinking. Most of the time it takes about an hour to figure out a way of getting out of the puzzle. There is a place for everyone, children’s play area, 7-acre maze, barrel train hayride and more!

The Graff 7A Ranch hosts the South Texas Maize, with the giant labyrinth of sorghum and seasonally appropriate puns.  It opens in October up to November; it is one of the favorites in San Antonio. This 7-acre place has an amazing corn maze and above that also campfires, jumping pillows, turkey legs, a Dance Barn and so much more fun.

From the other hand, some of the best Corn maze are at San Antonio, and they are just ready to give you the best experience you can get. For example, the Circle N Maze which is an 8-acre corn maze which hosts petting zoo, area for children’s to play and the opportunity to pick your own pumpkin patch. If you want to give a try to different fun activities during these months of October to December.

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