Hispanic Iconic Places in San Antonio

Hispanic Iconic Places in San Antonio

San Antonio is full of a diverse culture; we have people from so many different places and all of it has come to make our history so rich and attractive for people around the world to come and visit us. One of the strongest cultures and heritage that is visible in San Antonio is Hispanic, it is spread all over the city. And that gives me a reason to share with you some iconic places and characteristics that San Antonio has to offer about Hispanic culture.

A very famous places of which I’ve written before is El Mercado, located at West Commerce Street and Santa Rosa Avenue. No way you’ve gone to San Antonio and do not step by this place. It has so many stores that are full of traditional and modern Mexican handmade crafty clothing, accessories, party items, cookwares and more. Also, immigrants from Asia or Europe have added some of their taste to this Mexican Market.

The Mexican government also steps out in San Antonio and one way of doing it is through the Mexican Cultural Institute. This place hosts a variety of auditoriums and rooms. The Institute works hard on creating activities to spread the power and beauty of Mexican culture and starting with academic conferences up to photo exhibits.

The Guadalupe Cultural Art Center was founded by a group of Chicanos that were thrilled to preserve the Latinx, Chicano and native American culture. This host so many concerts, art events, an international Latinx film festival, and if you’re willing to take theater classes then this is the right place to go. Near the Cultural Art Center is the Guadalupe Catholic Church, all Spanish speaker are welcome to the place. A couple of other Hispanic places are found in the same street, do not miss getting the opportunity to adventure yourself in it.

Casa Navarro, a Historic Landmark, designated with that title by the National Park Service based on the story of Jose Antonio Navarro. He was a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, a civil rights champion for Hispanic, a writer of Texas State Constitution. The meaning of his house is so powerful for all Texans, a reminder of the freedom. This historic property has been well preserved and is open for tours.

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