The Most Haunted Places at San Antonio!

The Most Haunted Places at San Antonio!

For sure every city has these creepy places no one seems to want to go but if your one of those whose curiosity wins over fear or definitely your fearless, then prove yourself and check out the most haunted places at San Antonio in your visit to our city. Of course, in a city like San Antonio which is so rich in culture, we can’t miss to help you go through a very scary adventure in your visit and I have to say if you want an expert to guide you, we also have agencies compromised to give you a ghost tour. Come on! Let’s start our creepy journey!

Suicide Oak

The Suicide Oak, legend behind this story is the spirit of a boy and a girl that wanders around the area convincing weak minds to… Guess what?! You’ll get to hear the complete story while you go on tour to this place. Let me know how does the story finish when you know it. There is a whole story about the suicide oak in San Antonio, place used as a go-to spot for frontier justice in the 1900s. Check it out and let me know more about the Suicide Oak legend.

The Most Haunted Places at San Antonio!

The Haunted Alamo

The Alamo is one of the most loved places in the world of course! It is even part por World Heritage but I have to say people say it is the most haunted place at San Antonio. The reason? Well according to history many Texans died defending the Alamo, so this antique historic place was also a grave spot for the ancestors. There are tons of stories behind the landmark, people hearing moans in the building and more. Let me know your experience while visiting the Alamo.

The Haunted Railroad Tracks of San Antonio

Near the San Juan Mission you’ll find the Shane Road intersection, behind that railroad a haunted story came out after a bloody tragic school bus accident where they all finished killed. Legend says their spirit is still in those railroads and they haven’t moved from there. Many, many visitors are looking forward to check on this place and the feeling it gives, are you ready for your visit?

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

We all know where the names come from, the Grand William Shakespeare publication, though the reputation of the Victoria’s Black Swan Inn is ghostly. One of the ghost hunters’ favorite places to go in the city, it was originally a Native American encampment and where the Battle of Salado Creek took place.

The Ghosts of La Villita

Let’s first talk about the background of La Villita, first let me tell you it is the oldest neighborhood of the city, even older than the Alamo!!! From many neighborhoods, Villita has recently been considered a thriving art community but also a hotbed of paranormal activities going on. Supernatural events, yes if that’s what you are looking for then this is the perfect spot with objects moving, phantom arguments, shadowy figures and more.

Huebner-Onion Homestead

A house with story since de 1800s when Joseph Huebner was the owner. Legend says he drank kerosene instead of liquor one night and neighborhood didn’t know if he was dead or not, but they buried him. It is said that he was buried alive and because of it, noises of machinery turning on and off by themselves and piano keys being played have been heard in the house by the owners Judge John Onion and his family who had purchased the house after his dead.

If you are courageous enough to visit these places then I would suggest you get the experience with a haunted agencies such as Sisters Grimm Ghost Tours or Ghost City Tours and many others in San Antonio that will show you lots of more haunted places at the city. You’ll get yourself not just in adventure but will also learn about these places history.

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