Best Hike Trails at San Antonio

Best Hike Trails at San Antonio

San Antonio most popular place is the Riverwalk, a very long journey of 15 miles full of nature, even though there is this popular spot fool of may shopping centers and restaurants. There is also a beauty spot along the River that is full of fauna, remember that part when visiting. But let me tell you San Antonio has more places as beautiful as the Riverwalk, yes natural places for you to go and take a walk to relax maybe or for you to go hiking with some friends if you love that sport. I have some of my top places to go either for a walk or hiking or just having fun with family. Take a look, maybe it helps you decide where to go when you come to visit us.

Rio Medina Trail

As its name states, this place is adorned by a beautiful river. You can go hiking, biking or for a run, the center of our city is very hectic and sometimes noisy, but this place will get you to relax and the pleasure of hearing this peaceful sound of nature. A trail of about 12.6 miles out and back, where you even have the opportunity to take a look to a couple of historic sites. It’s a great place for any kind of sport you’d like to practice in it.

Tower Loop Trail

The Tower Loop Trail is located at the Comanche Lookout Park ready and waiting for you to discover it. You have the opportunity to go hiking or biking through the trail that has at the ending a historic abandoned tower built in 1948. it is a 1.8-kilometer trail which so many beautiful flowers and trees all around, perfect spot to take fresh air, recover energies and relax from so stressful days.

Pedernales Falls Loop

A have day or more adventure through the Pedernales Falls Loop, is on of the longest hikes at San Antonio. Many beautiful views, teal blue waters, lots of rocky areas, and colorful wildflowers which is what makes this place so different from the others and special. If you’re willing to get really involved with natures and sports it has a short hike to directly see the falls, climbing all around the rocks. Very impressive and big enough place to make the sport you want to.

Headwaters Sanctuary Trails

Headwaters Sanctuary Trails offers walking trails that connects you to parks that are near the place. It is placed in the heart of San Antonio and if you did know about it, is the only nature sanctuary in the city, the place is a treasure. The place is connected with the Mission San Francisco de la espada, a lot of history to talk about. The place is open for your visit the 365 days of the year so no worries about it. Remember to respect rules and restrictions, for us this place represents 12,000 years of cultural history and the beauty of nature.

Do not stay at home when you have so much to enjoy, work keeps us so busy that we forget the beautiful creation we have out there. So many places full of birds singing, the river’s sound of peace and the fresh air that trees allow us to breathe. It is worth the time you can give to take time for your or with your family. Do no miss up all the precious sceneries that were created for us.

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