Perfect Romantic Spots for Couples

Perfect Romantic Spots for Couples

San Antonio, a city for romance, full of sparkling places awaiting you around every corner for your honeymoon or proposal day. Unforgettable and perfect romantic spots (moments) to spend with a special person this year. Look these exceptional choices that for sure will be the highlight of your trip.

San Antonio Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens is the perfect spot for a picnic, an environment full of nature, flowers all over the place. This 33-acre treasure is the space for relaxing, silence, and special moment with your couple. The best part of this place is that you are free to roam around all the Garden and there is a Restaurant in case you want to go and take a breakfast after your walk through the place.

Marriage Island

This island in the middle of San Antonio River has a beautiful history and legend. Crossing the little bridge onto the stone patio with a tree in the middle and a view to the waterfront, makes the perfect moment to get on knee and pop the question or to promise and celebrate your marriage union. Legends states that this place brings good luck to your union.

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Indeed, we love to see the changes of nature during a specific season. During the fall at the northwest of San Antonio the ¨Lost Maples¨ park offers you a colorful sight, ¨lost maples¨ turn to beautiful autumn colors. It is also known for all the adventures and fun it offers during all the year, perfect spot to go camping, hiking, fishing, photo trekking, extraordinary for excursions. It has many wildflowers, the amazing Sabina River and steep canyon walls, definitely the place for you and your couple to have some fun and if you lucky enough also get to see the changes of the maples in the fall.

River Walk

The heart of San Antonio, the heart for romantic dates, yes, that is the River Walk. During the day you will appreciate the colorful sky reflected in the river along with a delicious meal in the many restaurants around the river or enjoy floating the river boat. Best part comes at night, when all the places are open and colorful lights turn on, and live music or mariachis start to delight your ears.

Enjoy the View from the Tower of the Americas

The highest viewpoint in San Antonio, and for some reason also the highest panoramic romantic view of the city. Best time to go is when darkness start, you’ll able to see all lights starting to turn on all over the city. A bonus you should know, there is a revolving restaurant and lounge at the top you can’t miss; as a recommendation don’t miss it, it also offers your claimed perfect view.

Ride in a Horse-Drawn Carriage

In San Antonio a fairy tale night is possible, for sure a horse-drawn carriage is one of the most romantic activities, and indeed you will surprise your couple with this surprise. There are a couple of companies that offer this spectacular service, with not only a 20-minute ride around the city but you can plan it all with them, such as chocolates and a bouquet of roses. If you are looking for a special moment during all your trip to pop the question or just have a special moment with your couple, then this needs to be part of it.

Perfect Romantic Spots for Couples

Remember visiting San Antonio and let us be part of your love story with the best places and activities to get your trip the best experience. Above all this these activities you will want a place alone for you two, renting a house will always make the perfect match for this. We will be waiting to be part of your important moments and adventures in San Antonio!

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