Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

You are an enthusiastic explorer who loves history and architecture, old buildings. Well San Antonio has a beautiful trip full of all that fun. And we are here to make to it just easier for you, while you plan all the adventure through the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, let us worry about you staying comfortable at the city. San Antonio Missions are a group of 5 complexes, they are all situated around the city. The name of the Missions: Mission Concepción, Mission Espada, Mission San José, and Mission San Juan comprise San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, and Mission Valero. They represent the efforts of Spanish Crown to spread catholic religion, colonize and defend the northern frontier of the known in that time as New Spain. Get a tour through all these marvelous places.

Mission San Jose

It is known as the Queen Mission, the largest Mission at San Antonio established in the 1720s. The purpose of the construction was helping many native American from the mission Valero that refused to live with other native Americans. This building was renovated in 2011, to finish up with the walls, interior domes and the altar.

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mission Valero

This is the famous Alamo, one of the favorite places for tourist to go. And well it is easy to get in love with it, because it represents the Texas Revolution, and inspiration for liberty during those times, it was founded on the 1718s. This place has guided tours, a pass by through the Alamo Gardens and story lessons of the place.

Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Mission Concepcion

It was built in 1755 as a church with the purpose of converting native Americans into Christianity. The design of it stays original, one of the most memorable places that represent the Catholicism coming and new traditions that we still see.

Mission San Juan

The purpose of this mission in 1731, was also to bring native Americans to Christianity, bring them to a Spanish society and also make the community self-sustainable. Remember when you visit to check on the Romanesque archway that is at the entrance gate. Ig you take a guided tour, you’ll have tons of fun, it starts in the Mission and takes you up to the river, do not miss it.

Mission Espada

The Mission San Francisco de la Espada was relocated in 1731, originally it was at East Texas in the 1690s. Constructed to help the Coahuiltecan groups that were living in the area. You need to check on the Espada Aqueduct and Acequia significant and important for the quality on engineering. The irrigation system is memorable, used to bring water to fields. Near Espada new installations of massive Árbol la Vida or Tree of life that tell special stories of San Antonio are ready for you to go and learn of them.

Get the chance to know a little more of these beautiful monuments that are part of United States history and heritage for the World. We will help you have the best trip around the Missions, book with us, your only concern will be having fun with family and discovering the marvelous Missions around San Antonio.

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