Why should you book our Rental Houses?

Why should you book our Rental Houses?

If you are planning a trip to San Antonio, the most important decision to take is… Where am I staying? What are my options? A hotel or vacation rental house? Which are my benefits? Normal questions that come up when deciding our trips. We brought you the reasons why choosing a vacation rental like FelizStays will always be the best option.

Feel comfortable cooking

Staying at a hotel you’ll have to dine out every meal, but the story changes renting a home, you have a well-equipped kitchen for you and your family. A dining area that will always be just for you, and groceries nearby that can deliver you the items you need. Without counting on those some basic food necessities will already be in the house without an extra charge, all for you to choose and use.


Renting a home provides you as a guest the privacy you need and want, the dining rooms will be just for your family, no need to look for empty spaces at a hotel restaurant, you got a home for yourself, all the areas of the house are for your family. You have your own bedrooms, bathrooms and seating areas that will be only for you and no extra fee will be charged.

Keeping family together

Do not sacrifice the family union, hotels will provide you different bedrooms, family separated completely and no spaces for you to be all together unless you go to one of family bedroom, which is not comfortable at all having all member tied up in a bedroom just to be together. Remember a homer offers you that extra happiness, family have a living room, empty spaces to watch a movie altogether or just sit and talk.

Plenty of space

What about all the free space you can get? You want a make a delicious barbecue, let me tell you it is NOT POSSIBLE in a hotel, but a rental home you’ll only need your backyard and start making your barbecue. Houses bring you the facilities of moving yourself free to make food, eating, and spaces that will only be shared with your family members. And let’s just not forget the amenities such as the washer and dryer machines placed in the house, that you can use anytime while your stay.

Saving money

Let’s get real, a family trip is expensive… But, can you save money? That is a yes from us! Staying at hotel means dining out every day, which also means spending more money, remember in a house you’ll have a kitchen where you can cook your own food. You do not pay a fee for asking a hotel to do the laundry of your family, you have a washer and dryer at home. You accommodate more people in a house at a lower price than booking many bedrooms for all your guests.

Now you are aware of the benefits we offer with our vacation rental homes vs. a hotel, it’s time to decide. Save money, comfortability, and enjoy yourself during a trip? Book our rentals if your answer is a “Yes!”. You have more than 40 options to choose, best part you’ll find the one that best fulfills you and your family’s necessities.

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