Races in San Antonio

Races in San Antonio

San Antonio loves sports, so of course we have the best races you could get involved in or just appreciate to look at. Marathons go from 10K races, 5K races and more, for kids and adults. Get involved in one of the most iconic cities of the country with more than 300 years of history. Some of these races include fiesta and you’ll get to know the beauty of the city.

As diverse as San Antonio is, also the activities are. One of the most loved races is Rock ‘n’ Roll Fiesta, it is the biggest running fiesta in holidays at San Antonio. The races include views of most iconic places such as the Tower of Americas, and of course the River Walk, and so many fresh attractions all over the way. We close many parts of the city so you can be part of this beautiful experience along with the adventure of seeing our best places and food during your way to the goal. This holiday tickets are ready for you in this December.

Some of San Antonian races support organizations like Run The Alamo race in partnership with World Vision. You run to help provide clean water to communities which are in need. The Alamo 26.2 Marathon & 13.1 Half designs a racecourse with iconic cultural landmarks, of course there is a medal and Top Award for the winning finishers. A cannon BLAST will wake you enough to start you running race with some much energy.

The Wounded Warrior Project Mission and the races they plan all over the country in different cities in order to empower wounded warriors. In which your actions have a real meaning for others, you running means the happiness for our warriors. This is not a normal race of running and done, they manage 3 special ways in which to support while running, carrying a flag of patriotism and support, carrying a weight meaning responsibility of veterans in serving the country or carrying other person as a symbol of one warrior carrying another in difficulties.

And so many other races during the year are done at the city to help important causes. You run for fun, learn about the iconic San Antonio places and if you want to, get the privilege to support others in need.

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