Reasons to Visit the Tower of the Americas

Reasons to Visit the Tower of the Americas

Of course, the Tower of the Americas is one of the most important monuments the city of San Antonio has. Visiting our city always implies that at least you need to have the experience of one of our various treasures, and the Tower is one them. Don’t worry, I know it might be scary and a lot of work because of how high it is, but it will worth it. Some of the reason you will surely want to take a look to it.

It was the tallest structure in US during 1968-1996.

A 750-foot-tall tower built in 1968 World Fair, HemisFair. Up to today, it is the tallest building in San Antonio, multiple areas were improved for guests, such as restaurants and bars, observation deck, 4D theater, and beautiful shopping souvenirs. The view of this high building, you can clearly see the round La Villita Assembly Building and at the right Saint Joseph Catholic Church surrounded by the River center Mall.

The Chart House Restaurant Rotates.

Enjoy a delicious dinner, remember to make a reservation for it, you’ll have the best panoramic view ever, perfect place for a magical night. Special menus, a unique dining opportunity.

Reasons to Visit the Tower of the Americas

Observation Deck with View to the Whole City.

If you have no time to get a dinner reservation at the restaurant, then enjoy the view! The elevator ride from the floor to the observation deck for a minute at least. Different sites are displayed in the deck, the board helps visitors locate everything starting with the Alamo to several displays that represent history of San Antonio. Perfect way to appreciate several important parts of San Antonio, all in one quick ride if you can’t go to each of them personally.

Reasons to Visit the Tower of the Americas

The Grounds are Magnificent

You’ll feel like you are in a relaxing park right in the waterfall which blocks the sound of the city and makes it so comfortable, even though you’re in the middle of the seventh largest city of United States. Even special events can take place in the area, a photo session would be perfect.

Remember whenever you go to visit the Tower of Americas there are different tickets cost, the admission include you can go to the Observation Deck unlimited times, as well as to the flags over Texas and the 4D Theater Ride. Heads up, not the place for you if you fear to heights unless you want to overcome that fear. Might need a sweater since the observation deck is a little windy, and walk counter clockwise, will help you not get all your hair in the front.

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