Ziplining, High Level Adventures at San Antonio!

Ziplining, High Level Adventures at San Antonio!

You love risks, adventures, high speed level, well ziplining will give get you to that level and more. San Antonio is a city full of culture, history and best memories can come alive, there is a place for everyone, those who want to relax, for kids and for those who like to live on the edge. Thrilling yourself to fly over the city hanging only by a high-speed cable, you’ll get so many beautiful views. Here some of the famous places you can go ziplining.

Natural Bridge Caverns

26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd, San Antonio, TX 78266

Natural Bridge is one of the most exciting attractions of San Antonio, full of many different adventures like caverns up to high-risk zip line experience.

In Natural Bridge Caverns, a 60-foot-high obstacle-ridden wooden structure with ropes, double beams, lily pads, twisted ropes, poles and more is waiting, this is an incredible course where guest has 45 minutes to climb up to the top. In the course it is being tested your balance, agility and strength on twisted rope and weave walk. Once you’ve accomplished, a thrilling zip line ride is waiting as reward of your effort and hard work. Seven zip rails with over 685 total feet of suspended track, best part soar high over the three canopies, better than just riding a zip line, you get to control the challenges and routes you want to navigate through.

Oh, and if you want your kids to have fun, they have zip rails for them!!!

Wimberley Zipline Adventures

376 Winn Valley Dr., Wimberley, TX 78676

It is located in the forest outside of San Antonio, this company runs 5 zip line tours per day, and a total of ten different zip lines are all over the area. The ranges of height start from 150 up to 900 feet, soaring over canyons and creeks with views of the Wimberley Valley up to The Four Winds Ranch and surrounding Texas Hill Country landscapes. You’ll be traveling at a 30 miles per hour speed on each line, but don’t worry each zip line has a guide.

High Level Adventures at San Antonio

Helotes Hill Country Zip Lines

18026 Frank Madla Rd, Helotes, TX 78023

Located outside San Antonio city, full of fun and excitement. A total of 4 tours are made daily, groups of 12 people in each one, which features 9 zip lines. Some of the general rules are: riders must be 11 years on behalf (it is possible for younger children with the zip tour guides), the weigh needs to be minimum of 85 pounds and maximum of 275 pounds. This is one of the most companies in San Antonio, fun, speed and nature are right the way.

Important tip in clothing is to dress comfortable for this type of activity, no dresses or skirts, no high heel shoes, flip flops or sandals, you won’t be able to take the course under those conditions.

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