Tips for Cloth Luggage

Tips for Cloth Luggage

The city gets really cold these months, you must be prepared in case you want to go out to have some fun. Although the city most of the time has a very beautiful climax ready to be part of your adventures, for winter it does get really cold. Here we got some tips on what to wear in the different occasions you might come to San Antonio and do not know what to wear.

Spring is the dream season; temperatures are really comfortable and great time to make visits and tour around the city. Best clothing for this season would be t-shirts with short and long sleeves. If you dress a little casual then shorts, sundresses, casual jeans, straw hats should work perfectly.

For summer the city gets really hot, reaching 90F, sunny days and nights might get a little cooler. You need to protect your skin, so do not forget to bring your sunscreen, lightweight clothing, sun glasses, light colored clothing and wide-brimmed hats are some options for this season.

Over the Fall, temperatures can be between 50 to 70 degrees at night and reasonably hot during the day. Clothing might be shorts, pants, skirts, dresses and light tops, also light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings in October.

Winter, especially for these days is really cold, San Antonio has really dry winters. During the day temperature get 60 degrees or more, at night it could lower from mid 30s to 40s. It really depends on how tolerant you are to coldness, but I would recommend you to use always carry a sweater or jacket in case it is cooler than what you expected. Aldo long-sleeves shirts, light winter clothes especially for nights, because it gets really cold.

The weather in San Antonio is really a whole scenario stories, from really hot to really cold, hot during spring getting pleasantly warm to a little chilly night. December, January and February are usually the cold months in the city, so be prepared for it.





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