The Immortal 32 Arrive!

The Immortal 32 Arrive!

March 1, is one of our historic and important events, the immortal 32 Arrive a day to enjoy during Battle of the Alamo Commemoration, best time of the year absolutely, anniversary of the 1836 siege. The celebration and commemoration of the 32 Immortal is a symbol of Texas’ pride and independent spirit, most people would firstly remember the Gonzales “Come and Take it” cannon and the Alamo. A week to remember the final stand at the Alamo, and of course March 1st, makes us remember the immortals fighting for Texas, the courage and sacrifice done for the protection of the people.

There is a whole preparation and sponsorship to make these series of special events possible. Celebration takes place in the heart of the city, the Alamo, the sacred memorial of all those who lived, fought and died there. The heroes of the 1836 Battle is a story that needs to be spread to all visitors that come because it is part of our 300-year history of Texas Independence.

What is the story behind the 32 Immortals? On Feb 23rd, Santa Anna’s forces surrounded the Alamo Mission in San Antonio. Travis penned an urgent letter the next day to the people of Texas and all Americans in the world asking for reinforcements to defend the territory at all costs. Letter was read by the Gonzales (they were part of the first battle of Texas Revolution, when Mexican forces attempted to retrieve a cannon granted in 1831). Authorities in Gonzales had previous reports of the need of reinforcement in San Antonio and were moved by Travis’ last letter and the urgency it had. In February 27th, Gonzales Alamo Relief Force left town, originally consisted of 25 of men but it grew up to 32 by the time they got to San Antonio the 29th.

The only reinforcement that arrives where these 32 men, the Alamo had been under siege for days when they arrive but March 1st, they manage to slip through Santa Anna’s lines and make it into the fort to join the Alamo defenders. On March 6, all 213 Alamo defenders were killed including the Immortal 32 when the Santa Anna’s troops gave the final assault.

These men aged between 15 to 44 gave their lives defending a cause of Texas freedom and independence. Today a monument stands in honor of them at the Gonzales Memorial Museum.

Join us this morning to one of our most precious celebrations of freedom!

The Immortal 32 Arrive Historical Marker

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