Commemoration Days!

Commemoration Days!

You might be asking yourself why does San Antonio have a celebration starting Feb 23rd up to March 6, so many days in which different things are done. Well for Texas these days represent and honor their independence, Commemoration to the heroes that died for the cause in 1836. Each day from beginning to start has a series of events that took place and made a difference in San Antonio and Texas’ history. Just like I posted on Tuesday, one of the iconic celebrations, each day it would have a different scenario but the same spirit. Hope you have joined us through it or well, it is still not done, you can still take a ride to our city. Now let me get you in context with a little of what the history of these days is.

Mexico got independence from Spain in 1821, but after that, 11 years of conflict came up; the need of protecting the northern frontiers allowing to establish colonization laws in Texas. A lot of people moved into Texas because many colonists and native population enjoyed the semi-autonomous way of life far from Mexican capital. But this autonomy represented an issue once Antonio López de Santa Anna was elected as president in 1833. Because of his political views to centralism got Mexico in a civil war and Texas seeking independence.

For October 2, 1835, things got a little complicated since the Mexican army was sent to recover a cannon that has been loaned in town of the Gonzales. 18 men refused to hand over the cannon and they stood up fighting for it. Number later changed to 180 men protecting the cannon, the Gonzales crossed the river to find Mexican army. War started, October 2nd battle took place but Mexican army retreated since they notice they were outnumbered. Mexicans had returned without the cannon to San Antonio.

 For February 23, 1836 the Santa Anna’s Army arrive to San Antonio to enter the Alamo which was fortified. Approximately 150 men and 18 cannons at the beginning of the siege, two commanders in charge of defending the area. The commander Travis answered with a cannon shot, siege begun. From that day up to March 6, different important things happened. February 24th, a letter was read addressed “To the people of Texas and All Americans in the World” while the siege continued. March 1, men from Gonzales town arrived for the battle. March 2, Texas declared its independence from Mexico. March 3, James Butler arrived to the Alamo to inform that help was in the way. March 5, Santa Anna held a council war. March 6, the Battle of the Alamo commenced, fighting lasted 90 minutes, defends had perished by daybreak.

Our history is in those days, reason for us to continue celebrating and honoring the heroes that lead us to the beautiful San Antonio we have now. You’re invited to celebrate as well, you still have a chance to get involved, tomorrow is our last day!

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