Tips to travel inside San Antonio

Tips to travel inside San Antonio

There are many ways of getting along in travel inside San Antonio. Most visitors have easy finding their way through the city but some others do not know the city at all, so here are some tips. I know many of us travel to a city in airplane, so no car… How am I supposed to get to my rental house? That is the big question but no problem, we have encountered some options that might help you out and get all this stress out from you.

VIA Metropolitan Transit

The main public transport network in San Antonio is the VIA Metropolitan Transit and as well VIVA. You will be connected to all the popular landmarks and famous activities of the city like the River Walk or Broadway Cultural Corridor. VIVA has three more routes, VIVA centro, VIVA culture and VIVA missions which links to the most loved destinations of the city. You will be able to find all the information needed on their goMobile app, check out their website.

Tips to travel inside San Antonio

Ride-share & Taxi

Two of the most popular rideshare apps are Uber and Lyft but there are local ones such as Leep. You’ll find many taxis close to the popular areas of the city, also cabs at the airport, but impossible to hail on the street, most of the time it would be better if you make a previous phone call. Oh, and there are companies that will provide you a wheelchair-accessible taxi if needed. 

Bike Rentals

A fun way of getting all around downtown would definitely be riding bicycles. You can start renting your bike by downloading the B-Cycle app, or going to the station, pay for the pass and enjoy your trip through the city. Just as a reminder, cyclists have traffic regulations like motor vehicles do. The best way of getting near to adventures all over the 5 Spanish missions in San Antonio is riding a bike, and do not forget to download you bike trail map so everything goes as planned.

Tips to travel inside San Antonio

Car Rentals

You can go through all the city without car but of course the city structure is more into motor vehicles. There is plenty of parking areas around San Antonio so renting a car will always be a good option. Hence, pay special attention when driving on the highway because of many convergences of major freeways, we do not want you to get lost.

San Antonio Cruises

Buy tickets if you are interested in getting a little of story and ride a river boat. Go RIO has colorful cruises that travel through downtown following up all the river. There are tickets for a group and individuals. The experience is amazing, you can’t miss this part of your trip. The routes encounter the Downtown Reach and Museum Reach Sections, they run from 10am up to 9pm so you have time to plan this.

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