Poteet Strawberry Festival

Poteet Strawberry Festival

Francis Marion Poteet never thought his namesake community would have such heights of celebrity based on simple strawberry. Within a few decades the rosy red fruits would dominate the community up to inspiring to organize the first Poteet Strawberry Festival in 1948. Half century later and visitors to Poteet in April will find the three-day festival still in full swing.

Annually in April to promote Poteet’s premier strawberries, this annual berry fest now is a major tourism attraction for the state and provide scholarships to educate the youth. This event hosts continuous entertainment by nationally-known musicians, carnival, contests and rodeo performances.

It is set for April 22-24 at 9199 N State Hwy 16, in Poteet. Among the performers some are renowned country artists, including Kevin Fowler and Randall King. Each year, the Poteet Strawberry Festival Association awards approximately 30 scholarships to Poteet high school graduates. You would really want to squeeze a lot of really big things from simple strawberries.

Online tickets are available, prices from $5 to $15 per person, and it may vary if it is purchased at the festival gates, so buy yours as quick as you can. The parking inside the festival ground is free, outside they may have a fee per vehicle, you got to be urgent on the situation.

For the 2020 it was cancelled and last year it was hosted with health precautions in place to help curb. But this year it is coming back, hope you have fun during the event!

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