Important Bridges of San Antonio

Important Bridges of San Antonio

San Antonio is full of beautiful places and sights, today we are going to learn a little of two important bridges you might want to visit during your stay in San Antonio. There is a story behind each amazing place our city has, is part of a story.

The Hays Street Bridge, a very important part of culture which deserves our admiration. Several pedestrian bridges are in the area though this one is considered the American Old West. Built in the 1800s, which was the first steel arch bridge of the country, it cross over the San Antonio River. Most of the popular attractions of the city are perfectly seen through the bridge. During the days of its building very few railroads crossing points existed but later on it became the important crossing point for travelers on horseback. The largest fort in the history of Texas, it was used in the past as a protection against hostile Indians that were attacking the city.

A memorial wall is located there for the people who served in the Alamo and a historical marker able to be seen in the water. Museums, experiences and memories are part of this historic landmark.

From the other side we have the Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge which is also a connection of both sides of Phil Hardberger Park. This bridge is a continuation of the nature of the Park. For years the Park had an obstacle that split it in two parts, thanks to the land bridge it became a one 330-acre park masterpiece. It reunites the wild and the and the people. The bridge opening was fulfilled thanks to donors a community support which made beautiful reality of the bridge.

The view it provides is really beautiful, not only for how the city looks from the bridge but because the near sight of nature is incredible. Exploring the nature inside of it, plants, live oaks, mountain laurels, different animals in the place make it really amazing.

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