Historic Churches of San Antonio

Historic Churches of San Antonio

One of the oldest cities in Texas for sure and so much culture in it that has made our historic churches amongst the most beautiful and prettiest of it, and the story that each of them has makes it more impressive. Here are some of our most beautiful houses, maybe you want to go visit one of them while you are in the city.

Mission Espada

It is not only part of the World UNESCO heritage but also a historic and important place the history of San Antonio. Located in a semi-rural neighborhood, it is one of the places that represents being very close to Spanish Colonial days, the architecture of the place is awesome, a roman-style aqueduct that once provided water to the mission. A very fun way to visit the place is in bike, a tranquil halfway stop for cyclist is provided.

Mission Espada - Las Misones Las Misones

Mission San Jose

It is one of the oldest churches of San Antonio, almost every wall is intact or has been restored. It is a very popular place for wedding, and other celebrations; the main chapel of the building is focal point of the surrounding neighbor areas which is why the view is really beautiful. Another historic part of San Antonio and WORLD UNESCO heritage.

Mission San Jose | The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Mission Concepcion

The most preserved mission of San Antonio is definitely this one, it is the only mission chapel in the area but also the one that no longer is a church. The church’s exterior was painted with bright color which is the reason for the restored colors in the inside as a reminder of that part of the church’s past.

Mission Concepcion - Wikipedia

San Fernando Cathedral

It is located in the center of the city, established by canary islander in the past, who were civilians of San Antonio colonists. It stands at the central plaza hosting food trucks at lunch and a very popular view for weekends because of the shows projected on it. The cathedral remains as home of the Alamo defenders like David Crockett and William Travis.

San Fernando Cathedral - San Antonio, TX

First Presbyterian Church

Oldest Protestant congregation in San Antonio, founded in 1846 by Reverend John McCullough. One of the most reassure artistic features made by Tiffany Studios is at the back of the sanctuary, the stained-glass window that illustrated Christ’s ascension to heaven. It represents a lot of artistic stories like the Gothic Revival sanctuary built in 1910 designed as regional architect site.

Friendship Pad Online - First Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian Church

The Little Church at La Villita

Villita is a very famous neighborhood and this church is on top of the historical church at San Antonio. It was designed in Gothic Revival style but with a unique simplicity, the main glass in the altar is the most especial art feature in the place. German Methodist built the church in 1879, it has changed hands several times that now it belongs to the city.

Little Church of La Villita, San Antonio

St Joseph’s Catholic Church

The church stands as a magnificent historic building of San Antonio, its stone sanctuary built by German speakers, once a minority group in the city. Reason for them to speak the German dialect though it is dying nowadays, it still can be heard by the men’s choir when you visit the church.

St. Josephs Church, San Antonio, TX - Picture of St Joseph Catholic Church, San  Antonio - Tripadvisor

St. Mark’s Episcopal

The oldest episcopal congregation in San Antonio is the St. Mark’s Episcopal, designed by Richard Upjohn. Its construction started in the 1859s but stopped because of Civil War and got completed until 1877. By stopping by the church remember to ask about some stories, since there are lots of them associated, such as Lady bird Johnson and Lyndon got marry in it in the 1934.

St. Mark's 6 - San Antonio Report

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