Cycling in San Antonio

Cycling in San Antonio

San Antonio is a very hectic city, for some people it might not be the best place to get a ride, and I get it, it is full of people. Though I have to say there is always a way and we work firmly in getting our city to work for cyclists as well. Maybe just interested in having a bike tour without seeing all these cars of downtown city. I have some of the best trails, you might be interested in visiting for a bike tour.

Of course, part of downtown San Antonio River Walk is full of people but there is also a beautiful bike path as well you might have not discovered. The place is so big, that you have around 30 miles to have fun riding bike through a paved trail with your friends and family. During the way you’ll get to see it intersects with the Historical Mission Parks, you can stop by and get a little adventure and learning about the importance of these buildings and the story written back of those walls.

The Brackenridge Park, first of all hosts the Japanese Tea Garden, San Antonio Zoo, and several ball fields. A 1.5-mile trail concrete trail, the perfect spot for beginners’ cyclists or if you’re just wanting a small fun bike journey. This location is so beautiful, the ride might look very small but you can even spend all day in the place because of nature and peace that this place brings.

The Salado Creek Greenway is a 20 miles long trail but the best part of it starts at north from Phil Hardberger Park and 8 miles more of riding a multi recreational trail of concrete surface perfect for cycling. The scenic route is amazing not only because of the trees, birds singing, flowers and fresh air but it is so relaxing, cozy and full of iconic places through the way. Perfect also for a picnic if you’re going with your kids just for a bike ride.

You can also check where many other bikes map trails will be given to you depending of what you really want to do or explore during your ride.

If you are looking to get more professional cycling then check out that the San Antonio Wheelmen club. It provides weekly rides, open for all ages and skills, cycling education, and of course get the experience to meet other enthusiastic cyclist around our city.

Also, if you do not have a bike, let me tell you we’ve already thought about that as well, which is why there are different companies that have strategically located bikes around the city that you can rent.

Our city is always open for you, we have so many adventures prepared for you that it is not acceptable missing them! Make your reservation and plan the best San Antonio trip you can, won’t regret such beautiful experience.

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