Phil Collins Collection Preview in San Antonio

Phil Collins Collection Preview in San Antonio

The historian and musician Phil Collins gifted a priceless selection of artifacts to the State of Texas. The collection is already open to visitors, it started March 2 and you will have the opportunity to visit up to April 24th. What is this collection all about? Why is it so important?

More than 400 items are part of the collection, which artifacts focuses on items used during the Texas Revolution. In those important artifacts there is the receipt for a horse from William Travis to John Johnson, a letter from Stephen Austin to Adjunct General Hall requesting reinforcement in November 4, and more historic artifacts that definitely gives a hint on the story of Texas.

The Phil Collins Collection Preview – Supplies for War is hosted in the Alamo Exhibit Hall of the Alamo grounds. The exhibit has been so memorable that Alamo launched two exhibitions for Texas Independence Day, a new preview of Phil Collins collection “Supplies for War” at the Exhibition Hall and opening of the “Alamo Archeology”.

It is amazing how many of the artifacts are found, in 2019 archeologists excavated the foundation of the Alamo church and Long Barrack or convent, which housed Spanish missionaries gaining a better understanding of the building and construction. Preservationists used ground-penetrating radar on the walls of the Long Barrack and drilled into the mortar, giving officials a better idea of what needs to be fixed.

The archeology was done in the building to get a better understanding of how the building were constructed so it becomes easier to repair them in the future. During excavation in 2019, archeologists discovered 22 layers, which revealed history from the Alamo’s mission era, the fortress period from 1803-1830s.

Now, there is a whole event to show the artifacts found and to tell the history of the Alamo with each of them that for sure represent an important part of the War.

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