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San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls – Street Mural Exhibit

Love for the arts? San Antonio will not fail you with its abundance of public art and renowned murals. San Antonio is working hard to make the city beautiful with some many great places to capture street art.

Check out some of the most instagrammable San Antonio Murals.

The Rim Murals

The three brightly colored walls are located between The Rustic and Bowl & Barrel The Rim partnered up with the San Antonio nonprofit San Antonio Cultural Arts to commission 3 wall murals.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
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San Antonio Fiesta Building

“Let’s Fiesta!” has a distinct meaning in San Antonio. It’s a city-wide celebration of rich history and culture.

The “2019 Fiesta” mural by Los Otros, a street art duo made up of Nik Soupe and David “Shek” Vega, was also painted on St. Mary’s Strip, just north of Downtown San Antonio. They represent partygoers who exemplify the authentic Fiesta spirit alongside their colorful characteristic flower crowns in this artwork.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo courtesy of Samantha Huls<em>

The Artisan

This lovely otomi wall is located next to The Artisan on South Presa Street. The Artisan is a lovely store that introduces Mexican culture to San Antonio. The mural is ideal for Instagram because to its size and vivid colors.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo courtesy of ginabearsblogcom<em>

Murals for Selena

The Selena Murals are an essential part of any article on murals in San Antonio. Before her untimely death in 1995, Tejano diva and native Texan Selena was renowned for treating San Antonio as a second home. In addition, the movie “Selena,” directed by Jennifer Lopez, was largely shot in San Antonio. Through museum exhibits, live tribute performances, and numerous exquisite murals, San Antonio continues to hold her in high regard.

Alan Calvo’s colorful artwork can be found on the back of the Alamo Candy building.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo courtesy of NoNo Joe<em>

Essex Street

One of the favorite mural spots to visit is Essex Modern City Murals. It is a street art haven for Instagram Walls. Over 20 murals can be found in one location. Enjoy live art, music, and food trucks on Second Saturdays at Essex.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo courtesy of essexmoderncitycom<em>

For the Spurs Fans

The Big Three, a mural featuring San Antonio Spurs stars Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, was painted by artist Albert Gonzales behind Burger Culture at 801 South Presa Street.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo Courtesy of Wally Gobetz<em>

“King George” by Matt Tumlinson

George Strait is a well-known country music performer who was born and raised in Texas. Since the 1990s, “King George,” as many Texans refer to him, has made San Antonio his home. He chose this location after establishing a storied country music career and achieving international fame.

Matt Tumlinson portrays the country music artist as a real king in this mural in San Antonio’s Midtown district, complete with a crown, scepter, and all of the royal jewels, taking the moniker “King George” literally.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls
<em>Photo courtesy of Samantha Huls<em>

St Mary’s Strip

If you want to visit several amazing murals all at once, walking around the St. Mary’s Strip would be the place to do it.  St. Mary’s Strip is known for its music, food, and walkability.

San Antonio’s Most Instagrammable Walls

It’s time to get outside and explore since mural searching can become a family adventure. Remember that street art is constantly evolving. A Have a wonderful time!

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