San Antonio Roasted Corn Festival

San Antonio Roasted Corn Festival

San Antonio always has feast and this month isn’t exception. A free elote festival is returning for March 26 to share culture, delicious food and fun with the community and visitors. Second year this event is happening, it was supposed to start the 2020, but due to covid it was postponed for 2021, though it had to be with ticket going in the venue. This year things changed for good! Entrance to the venue is free for all, starting from 11am to 7pm at 6750 Rigsby Avenue, property near China Grove.

Reyes has planned all the event last year and repeated the celebration for 2022, he is also the organizer behind Enchiladas Fest, Flautas Fest and Tamale Fest of December. And the three of the festivals are also planned for this year as well.

What is all the event about? Well, first of all remember ordering the free tickets Eventbrite to have a chance of winning four free meal vouchers on the event day. Now, the main point and attraction of the whole event is the corn and all the delicious plates done with it. Mexican corn trimmed with hot Cheetos, white corn with queso fresco, roasted corn, Torchy’s Tacos, kettle corn popcorn and more.

A traditional Mexican street food, is typically roasted and then covered with mayonnaise and other toppings like Cotija cheese, lime juice, cilantro and chili powder. We can also create our own elote, with the flavors we want on it with special sauces.

Dozens of sellers will be in the park with this delicious dessert of different sizes and for different tastes, families will love the experience of the Mexican food.

There is also going to be virtual festival but I am pretty sure you would like to have a taste of it just like me. A lot of live music and entertainment will be part of this festival, kids craft area and more. Can’t miss the adventures, you still have time to prepare and plan your trip to San Antonio, be part of our culture and special taste.

Heads up!! Even though the festival is free to go in, you need a ticket which will be found on do not miss that important part! Hope to see you there!

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