Fiesta San Antonio (fun time)

Fiesta San Antonio (fun time)

Everything started as a way of honoring the heroes from the Battle of the Alamo in the 1891, now transformed to a long celebration in which all of have a fun time sharing. It starts March 31 up to April 10th, but you can’t miss the opening is full of fun and interesting events you’ll surely want to be part of. All of us are getting ready for the big days, streets are being swept, grooming of horses, tuning instruments and getting menus of food ready to pull of the biggest party of times. About 123 years has the city celebrating and honoring the heroes with this big party that runs for days.

Be part of the Fiesta at Hemisfair, the ceremony opens with the exchange of medal. The one and only Texas Cavaliers River Parada, The amazing Battle of the Flowers Parade and the Fiesta Flambeau Parade are part of the tremendous party hosted in San Antonio. Also, you’ll able to see Mexican Rodeos, art exhibits, masquerade parties, carnival rides and military displays.

A Night in the old San Antonio, The Taste of the Republic are some of the options for food and drinks. In A Day in Old Mexico & Charreada and events like Ford Mariachi Festival you will learn our deep roots and history, the culture that describes the many places and buildings of our beautiful San Antonio.

Some tips for the Fiesta at San Antonio. Because of the brightness of this party, your clothing must have colorful details like flower crown, medal collection, but surely comfortable clothing if you are into dancing and because you might walk a lot. The whole story of the medals has a purpose, you need to get your own medals at many of the events or at the Official Fiesta Store, a lot of people get involved in a mission to obtain it and wear it at the Fiesta. Cash is something surely needed to but inside the Fiesta food, drinks and more, some of the hosts are non-profit organizations so credit card might not be useful in all the places.

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