El Día de Los Muertos Festival

El Día de Los Muertos Festival

A very significant date in Texas and of course for San Antonio is “El Día de Los Muertos”. There might be so many questions of the reasons why we host this event yearly. Join me in this adventure and learn more about it since the day of celebration at the city is coming really soon!

“The Day of the Death” is a tradition in which families remember the departed loved ones and share their memories. A variety of activities are done to celebrate their lives, such as traditional dress and parades, food is made like Pan de Muerto, sugar skulls or tamales. Let’s not forget the Catrines & Catrinas which are elegant skeleton figures dressed men and women as reminder that we are all the same in death. These days are full of live music, art vendors, live poetry and workshops, it is one of the biggest festivals offered at San Antonio.

Live music starts at the Pearl Park, and families are invited to make tribute the beloved departed ones, also at Market Square music will sound and folkloric dante will be delivered. The River Parade, just imagine the river decorated with skulls, marigolds, candles, skeletons and more no just around the river but also the Cruiser that travel through it.

Families are invited to de San Antonio Museum of Art to decorate sugar skulls, create Catrinas and add their own tributes. Find any kind of truck fare, make shopping, painting your face like a skull and games are activities that your kids will be able to discover and enjoy.

We’ve started to enjoy public gatherings after all the pandemic, and this Fest won’t be the exception, last year it was virtual, but now is our time to honor these dates again for our love ones. We’ve been celebrating these traditions for many years and we want America to come and be part of it.

This year we will be celebrating on Saturday, Oct 23 and Sunday, Oct 24 at the Hemisfair. Come and be part of this beautiful Tradition we celebrate at San Antonio; I promise you will enjoy the atmosphere and activities done these days. We will be waiting for you this year.

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